Some songs that I like: Let it rip - Achy Breaky Heart
Wendy sings with the band: Let's twist again


Wendy sings alone : New civil war song - Dear sister - Heartbreaker's alibi


Wendy, Alena, Lucie and Linda : Jambalaya - The lucky one


The "Western Girls" sings at the "Randers Country Festival" : Whiskey in the jar - Sweet home Alabama

Western girl 1 - Western girl 2 - Western girl 3 - Compil of these 3 videos

Wendy sings : "Rescue me" See on Youtube   - Creating the CD: See on Youtube

Wendy sings at the Vysoká Country Festival: 2013 - Já písnička Druhá Tráva

Then another CD in 2016 with the group "NONSTOP" : See on Youtube

Wendy create her Youtube Channel