Lets have a party (2012)

Guitar/Vocals : Klara - Keyboards : Andrea T - Fiddle : Maggie - Electric Guitar : Pattie - accordion : Alena K - BassGuitar : Sonia

Some people like to rock Some people like to roll
But movin' and a groovin' gonna satisfy my soul

Chorus :
Let's have a party Oooh
let's have a party yeahh
Send 'im to the store
let's buy some more
let's have a party tonight

I've never kissed a bear, I've never kissed a goon
But I can shake a chicken, in the middle of the room


Now Honky Tonky Joe is knockin' at the door
Bring him in and fill him up and sit him on the floor


The meat is on the stove the bread is gettin' hot
Everybody come and taste the possum Poppa shot


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