The Ballad of Sally Ann

Vocal: Wendy - Tambourine: Susan - Keyboards: Lenka - Fiddle: Linda - Guitar solo: Lucie - Bass: Sonia

With love in his heart and flowers in hand
Johnny proposed to Sally Ann
Sally shivered as she said,
"I'll love you till the day I'm dead"

Johnny got married in his one good suit
But the ride from church bore strange fruit
Down by the road you can hear her cry
As he hung from a tree, she watched him die

Who's gonna dance with Sally Ann
Who's gonna touch her tremblin' hand
When the fiddler takes the stand
Who's gonna dance with Sally Ann

Sally attends every wedding 'round here
Lookin' for her Johnny dear
You can feel them in that room
When the fiddler plays that tune


Sail away ladies, Sail away ! (bis)

Darkened shadows cross the floor
As ghostly lovers dance once more
When weddin' bells ring in that town
A ghostly lovers stroll the ground

chorus X2

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