My Dixie Darling (2007)

Vocal: Wendy - guitar: Klara - Keyboards: Alena K - Fiddle: Linda - Guitar solo: Lucie - Bass: Sonia

My Dixie darlin', listen to the song I sing
Beneath the silver moon
with my banjo right in tune
My heart is ever true
I love no one but you
My Dixie darlin', my Dixie Queen

Way down below the Mason-Dixie line
Down where the honeysuckles are entwined
There's where the southern winds are blowing
There's where the daisies growing
The girls of the north in the gay finery
Whirling around in society
Singin' the song of Dixie darlin'
Where I long to be


Goin' down South to have a big time
To see my boy in old Caroline
I'll drink my booze and do as I please
For all those girls I long to squeeze
Singin' the song of Dixie darlin'
There's where I long to be goin'
Down where the jellyroll's rolling
With my Dixie Queen


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