Bomshell stomp (2014)

Andrea - Veronika - Alena - Pattie - Maggie

We got Tennessee moonshine, chicken, and beer
The bands in the barn and the gangs all here
Just park your car down by the corn
If you're lookin for a good time honk your horn
Bring the dog, call all your friends
Send a shout out to your next of kin
Tell 'em I'm coming just stay in the yard
We're gettin down on the farm

Come on everybody
gotta move your body to the bomshel stomp...
(Bomshel stomp)
Kick up your boots
and get back to your roots, do the bomshel stomp...
(Bomshel stomp)
Stomp to the right Stomp to the left
Sheke your botty step, step, step
Grab yourself a coute guy
Honey don't be shy
Everybody romp to the bomshel stomp

There's no excuse for an empty cup
keep 'em all full till the sun comes up
If you get to hot down by the fire
Tay a roll in the hay if you so desire
There's a million stars in the sky tonight
An ol' full moon it's a beautiful sight
Shake, shake, shake it till the cows come home
Rock'n it all night long


The barn, the barn, the barn is on fire

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