Hillbilly Rock Hibilly Roll - 2015

keytar : Andrea - accordion : Veronika - fiddle : Maggie - Guitar : Pattie - Bass : Sonia

Up on a mountain, way out of town
It's Saturday night and the folks gather 'round
Bring a little bottle but you hold on tight
It's a hillbilly rock and roll night

"Hi y'all" say ma and pa
Everybody's out in the yard
Somebody's calling out "Go cat, go"
It's Uncle Earl on his old banjo

Do the hillbilly rock and the hillbilly roll
Stand in line and away we go
A little bit of moonshine, a little bit of meat
Do the hillbilly rock and roll with me

Grandpa's rockin' in his rocking chair
And granma's pretty when she lets down her hair
Her hair comes down her dress goes up
She grabs a fiddle and she peddles to the vibe


Well everybody dance, everybody sing
Squeeze that box and make it ring
Here's a little bit of gift from ma and pa
Johnny be good, it's his first guitar

Chorus x3

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