Fais do do - 2020 - Albisgütli ZH Switzerland

Electric Guitar: Michelle - accordion: Andrea - Fiddle : Magdalena - acoustic-guitar: Petris - BassGuitar: Sonia

Hey baby, won't you stop what you're doing
Go on home, put your red dress on
Tell your mama I said not to worry
I'll have you home before the break of dawn
Sonnier's got his squeeze box pumping
Thibadeaux's got his fiddle out
Meet me over by the side of the river
Because there's big doings down at Boudreaux's house

Take my bateaux down by the bayou
Pole on over to the fais do do
Don't be late, don't keep me waiting
Everybody's going to go

I want to be there when the band starts playing
Zydeco music makes me want to dance
Sun's going down and a new moon's shining
Mighty fine night for the big romance
I've got a question, I just might pop it
I know something that you don't know
Well, I got a ring of gold in my pocket
Tonight's the night and you can't say no

Chorus x2

[verse 1]

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