Other side of the Hill

vocal-guitar: Petris - Electric Guitar: Michelle - Keyboards: Andrea - fiddle: Magdalena - Bass: Sonia

Watch out when they start to twist
Hold tight with a leather fist
That's what his daddy told him
How to ride the bull
There's a jingle in his jeans
Sore places in between
He's leaving me in Tennessee
With a push and a pull

Ten four, honey, come on back
Horse trainer on your Cadillac
I'm calling for the cowboy in the Coupe De Ville
Chug a lug up one side
Glide down the other
He's a lover of the other side of the hill

Turn up the radio don't think about rodeo
Don't think about roundup in old Cheyenne
It's a crazy circuit yea and he still works it
Come on turn that sound up let's check the scan


Bandana on a rear view mirror
Still wet from ear to ear
I'm praying he'll remember
What the wise man said
When you ride that last one
Better make it fast one
Jump while he's moving
And just walk away


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