Riding alone - Albisgütli 03-2020

Vocal: Michelle - accordion: Andrea - Guitar: Petris - Fiddle: Magdalena - Bass: Sonia

I'm riding in the desert and I'm heading into nowhere
The sun is showing me the way, I'm riding alone
I'm looking for adventure, 'cause I left my girl in Texas
I'm a stranger and I'm riding alone

My baby's on his way and he's got nowhere to stay
And I wonder what he's thinking on his own
He's promised me his heart and he says he really loves me
And I'll marry him as soon he's coming home


Working as a waitress, the saloon is never empty
I got so many suitors all around
Although some are very handsome, they will never get my hand
Because I'm waiting for my cowboy to come home (woo-hoo!)


He's riding in the desert and he's heading into nowhere
The sun is showing him the way, he's riding alone
He's looking for adventure, 'cause he's left his girl in Texas
He's a stranger and he's riding alone

Chorus x2

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