The COUNTRY SISTERS is a group of 6 musicians and singers, from the Czech Republic, more precisely from the city of Jablonec nad Nisou.
Created in 1975, the group specializes in Country music, and their repertoire also extends to Cajun, Bluegrass, Gospel, Rock’n’roll, and even French music.

Their white instruments, specially made for them, their costume changes and interactive contact with their audience complete their show.

All the musicians play at least two instruments and their songs are sometimes four voices.
They started performing on stage in 1989, and released their first album "White line" that same year.
Over the years the band has renewed itself, but Sonia, founder member of the group, is still there as a bass player and manager.

This site tells their story from 2004 until the present day, for each song there is a video together with the lyrics.