Old pop in an oak - 2013

Electric Guitar/Vocals: Alice/Alena S. - Keytar: Andrea T - Fiddle: Maggie/Marketa - Accordion: Alena K. - Acoustic Guitar: Klara - BassGuitar: Sonia

Old pop in an oak, pop in an oak
Once you could hear the older sucker lingo show
Thought I ever gonna see my old pop in an oak
Ever gonna see his old pipe in a smoke


Our big daddy is always the leader
He is the family's captain and chief, but once
I choked when my 'snus' caught up in my throat
'Cause there was our pop in the oak

Chorus [x2]

Our big mama, she really had her guts go
When daddy put the barbecue on maximum
And caught her favorite pet, a skunk whose name's Garth
Short after our pop was up far

Chorus [x4]

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