Wrong night 2011

Vocal: Alena K - Electric guitar: Lucy- Fiddle: Linda- Guitar: Klara - Alice - bass: Sonia

I set my mind to it said I wasn't gonna do it no how so sir no way
I wouldn't give my heart up gonna keep my guard up and save it for another
Then you walked in with that crazy grin and everything I swore before
Got lost in your eyes and flew right out the door

Suddenly I heard love songs playing real soft on the jukebox
Somebody ordered up moonlight and painted stars all across the sky
Is it gravity or destiny either way there's nothing I can do
Looks like I picked the wrong night not to fall in love with you

I briefly resisted but my heart insisted it was gonna be giving in
Hard as I was trying there was no denying which one of us would win
You came up beside me and asked if I'd be Wantin' to have a dance
Right then I knew this thing was out of my hands

Chorus x2

Looks like a wrong night not to fall in love with you

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