Dear Sister

Written by Claire Lynch -- Vocals : Václava Jarošová (Vendy)
based on real letters of Civil War correspondence to a sister in Alabama

This could be my last letter,
I may never see the cottonfields of home again
I miss you, Dear Sister,
Tonight I never felt so all alone
And the fog was so thick that the Stone's River stars
Could scarcely invade the dread and the dark
And all that I could see when I closed my eyes to dream
Was home, sweet home

In the camps of Round Forest
the midnight coals were glowing through the haze
The union boys sang "Hail Columbia"
then we sang "look away (look away)"
Then a hush in the rain and there rose a sweet refrain
In the dark before dawn, instead of battle songs
The enemy and we all sang the melody
of "Home, sweet home"

So if this is my last letter
and I never see the cotton fields of home again
If I fall here at Stone's River
I know that God will bear away my soul to be with Him
And I'll wait for you there where all is bright and fair
Where the light of His face outshines the Blue and Gray
Where all of humankind, yes every man will find
his home, sweet home.

Vidéo de Claire Lynch

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